All-round at a glance.

Exceptional perception.

The exceptional perception is due to:

  • Driver's seat with very good overview – even upwards, narrow A-pillars, which only limit the view slightly
  • Large field of vision in front of the vehicle thanks to the high seat position and the short front end
  • Good all-round view when turning off thanks to the seat position in front of the B-pillar, the convex outside mirror and the large glazing – as standard for the Tourer, optional for the panel van
  • Display instruments that can be viewed at a glance for a drive with minimal distractions
  • Improved vision in the dark with LED High Performance headlamps and the Highbeam Assist, optional
  • Support when changing lanes: Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert and exit warning, optional
  • Better overview when parking and manoeuvring with Parking Package with 360° camera, Parking Assist and Drive Away Assist, Parking Package with reversing camera, Parking Assist and Drive Away Assist, as well as reversing camera and reversing camera with inside mirror display, optional