Can be adapted to almost any requirement.

As varied as the cargo being transported.

An overview of the variety of versions of the Sprinter chassis and platform vehicle: 

  • Three vehicle lengths: compact, standard and long
  • 2 cabs: standard cab and crewcab
  • Cargo area up to 9.2 m² for the platform vehicle
  • Available with 3,000 kg, 3,500 kg, 4,100 kg and 5,000 kg permissible gross vehicle mass, various additional load capacity increase and reduction versions for a permissible gross vehicle mass of up to 5,500 kg
  • Maximum payload of more than 3,000 kg in the weight variant with 5,500 kg
  • Available with front wheel, rear wheel and all-wheel drive [1]

[1] The all-wheel drive system is scheduled to be available from Q4/2018.