Transportation and working vehicle folded into one.

The pre-installed, ex-factory standardised interfaces for fitted or interchangeable implements make it possible. The highly off-road capable Unimog has two different transmission power take-offs as well as an engine PTO. The option of a vehicle hydraulics system to power the most diverse implements and continuous consumers is also available on board.Standardised sockets provide electrical power. The mounting area is particularly versatile: it can be a drop-side body, box body or can accommodate special solutions for specific requirements. All this together results in a highly mobile workshop enabling work to be completely safely and reliably.

  • 1. Standardised front implement mounting plate front for implements of up to 1.5 t (e.g. snow ploughs)
  • 2. Attachment fittings/brackets at the front e.g. for compressors or emergency generators
  • 3. Cable winch brackets
  • 4. Frame mounting brackets
  • 5. Drop-side or box bodies are possible
  • 6. Sub-frame for special superstructures prepared