Progress through innovation. The Econic

Systematically developed for practical use – the Econic brings together 125 years of innovative vehicle manufacture, the characteristic high Mercedes-Benz quality and a unique low-entry concept. Whether it is working in the municipal sector or in short-radius distribution, as a fire-brigade truck or in the building industry, or in one of its many other fields of application: The Econic makes work more efficient and is way ahead of the times.

It is as powerful a load-carrier as a truck, as agile as a van, and ergonomic and safe as hardly any other commercial vehicle. Its first-class Mercedes-Benz quality gives it all the features you expect from it for your daily tasks: Comfort, safety, economy and environmental compatibility.

One of the prime advantages: Getting in and out of the Econic's cab is as easy and safe as hardly any other commercial vehicle, for it takes a mere two steps to get into the cab. Virtually no other commercial vehicle can offer a similar feature, which saves the driver hundreds of metres "climbing" height on busy days.

Safety at eye level.

The Econic meets other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists at eye level. The driver's low seating position, the generous dimension of windscreen and side windows and additional safety systems allow the driver a free view of the carriageway and pavement in all directions; in particular in city centres and unclear situations this feature of inestimable value offers a great advantage over conventional trucks.

Cost-effective and powerful.

The chassis design is especially body-friendly. Thanks to the many different variants and superstructure possibilities it is prepared for the most varied tasks. What's more: With its combination of a powerful, low-pollutant, particularly quiet diesel (or optionally, gas-fuelled) engine and an Allison automatic transmission with FuelSense® technology or the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic transmission, it delivers the right performance in every handling and work situation.