Harvester. Skilled worker. Road master. Unimog!

with pressure on costs increasing all the time and greater areas and distances to cover, farmers and contractors in particular require quick and efficient vehicle solutions. If you need to shuttle between fields, roads and unloading location, Unimog offers high performance across the widest range of applications: good off-road capabilities that don't churn up the ground when out in the fields; fast and safe out on the road - and all of it with a high payload and great traction.

Even the most demanding tasks in agriculture and forestry – for instance with large-scale chippers, trailers or large area spreaders – are tackled by the Unimog with great efficiency and economy thanks to a well-matured implement-carrying concept.

Attachments and mounted implements can be swapped in and out quickly and easily, too – thanks to the quick-change system. With up to four attachment and mounting areas, the Unimog is operational all year round, outside the harvest season for instance for mowing and winter services.

Whether out in the fields, in the woods or out on the road: The Unimog is a powerful and effective solution which is also - thanks to efficient drive system technologies - low on fuel consumption and thus highly economical.

The advantages at a glance:

  • High transport speeds of up to 90 km/h.
  • Efficient transport capacity thanks to a high payload.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • As an agricultural or forestry tractor it is exempt from toll and Sunday driving ban.
  • Operation with front- and rear-mounted implements is possible thanks to ex-works hydraulic system.
  • All classic agricultural implements can be operated.
  • Comfortable driving and off-road capability thanks to its suspension concept.
  • Compact dimensions enable greater manoeuvrability, when the going gets tough and space gets scarce.
  • High utilization potential in municipal and agricultural applications (transport and implements).